JUNE 13TH - 16TH 2019
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Until teams and volunteers can register


  • Introducing our Volunteer Coordinators

    2019-01-17 10:14

    The foundation of Windmill is built on over 100 volunteers! To run everything smoothly we have an amazing team who will make sure you are part of the Windmill experience and you're flying around as a happy EGG! Let's introduce them! Jill.. read on >
  • The Swiss Draw System

    2019-01-15 16:47

    Just as in previous years, we will be using the Swiss Draw Format at Windmill. For those unfamiliar with it: we use an algorithm to determine the possible outcomes of match-ups and then try to match-up so we have the maximum number of tight game.. read on >
  • The History of Windmill

    2019-01-03 15:38

    Long long ago in the Netherlands there was a highly competitive tournament called Harbour. It was amazing until one day it just stopped and we in Amsterdam felt the hole that it left. A few brave, young souls thought it would be a good idea to r.. read on >
  • Food at Windmill

    2019-01-03 13:46

    The basics At Windmill, we want to make sure that you enjoy every aspect of the tournament. This most definitely includes food. Our intention is to provide you with a few high quality meals during the tournament to ensure you stay fuelled for.. read on >
  • Gender Equity

    2019-01-01 17:43

    We have decided to postpone the decision of how many women's and open teams we let in until after registration is closed (while the Mixed division will remain 40 teams). It will either be the former format of 16 Women and 24 Open teams, or 20 Wo.. read on >
  • What it means to be a volunteer

    2018-12-30 16:15

    Being a volunteer means you become part of the Windmill. Meet with fun people from all over the world, and work hard together to build the Windmill Village, and keep it running for players. There will be plenty of time to hangout by the campfire.. read on >