Windmill X Ultiworld

2024-05-01 00:00

We are excited to announce Ultiworld as the official streaming partner for Windmill 2024.

Ultiworld will be streaming two fully produced showcase fields (multi camera with commentary) and at least two sideline camera streams without any commentary. Additionally, will be streaming one field with commentary in partnership with Ultiworld. It is an unprecedented amount of coverage for Windmill -- appropriate for the event this year as a stop on the Road to WUC.

You are able to watch these streams on the Ultiworld website with an Ultiworld subscription (€12,-  a month), or by buying the Windmill Event Pack (€15,-). With an Event Pack, you are able to rewatch games forever but it does not grant access to any other Ultiworld subscription content. With a subscription, you get access to subscription content and all the Windmill games, but you lose access to the Windmill games when cancelling your subscription.

Paywall and Free to watch

We understand that some of you might be disappointed that Windmill games are moving behind a paywall. However by doing so it allows us to stream more games with the same resources.

And there will still be games free to watch! Every day, two of the games produced by Ultiworld will be free to watch. Additionally, all Mixed games streamed by will be freely available on their YouTube channel. Open and Women's Division games streamed by will be behind the paywall on the Ultiworld website.

We understand that some of you might have questions about our decisions, if you do please send your questions to