Windmill X Tokay

2024-05-15 02:00

TOKAY is coming at Windmill in full forces. Visit their booth to try and buy the TOKAY Flight or to recycle your old cleats, and follow the action of the TOKAY Super Team.

Test & buy the game changer TOKAY Flight

At Windmill, better get ready to run fast, jump high, cut hard, layout for the disc and burn your mark. At TOKAY’s booth you’ll be able to test and buy the TOKAY Flight and discover what comfort, grip and breathability mean when it comes to a pair of cleats.

Understanding the unique needs of Ultimate, TOKAY creates tailor-made products that enable players to enjoy their game and surpass their limits. TOKAY’s approach involves collaborating with top experts to ensure our products are high-performing and incorporate the latest technologies. 

Simultaneously, TOKAY engages closely with players, valuing their feedback to continually enhance our offerings. Each product TOKAY designs embodies the spirit of Ultimate and a profound commitment to environmental sustainability.

Recycle your old cleats

Bring your busted pair at TOKAY’s booth and they will be recycled for free. Partnering with a factory specialized in shoe recycling, TOKAY now offers the possibility to make sure your old cleats will go to a better world instead of ending up in a landfill.

Did you know that in Europe the waste generated after use is about 1.2 million tons per year, of which it is estimated that only 5% is recycled, 15% is reused and 80% is landfilled.

It is estimated that the packaging and end of life of a pair of shoes accounts for 9% of their environmental impact. source.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s TOKAY Super Team!

In the mixed division, teams will have to face the TOKAY Super Team, a super-charged pick up gathering top athletes from 15 different countries.

Discover the roster and follow their adventures on :