• Can I play in multiple divisions?

    Yes, it is allowed to play in more than one division. You will only have to pay 1 player fee.

  • I have a comment, suggestion, compliment and/or cool idea, where can I pass it on?

    Great! Any feedback can be send to info@windmilltournament.com or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

  • I'm worried about my personal details.

    Player details are for Windmill's use only. We will not share this information with anyone other than our crew. If you wish to be anonymous on the website, you can tick the anonymous button when you update your information on the website

  • What happens after I sign up?

    Once you've signed up, you'll get a verification email. If your team is selected, we'll email you again to confirm. If you're on the waiting list, we'll let you know, and if a spot opens up we will contact you.

  • Where can I find people to pickup for my team?

    You can find pickups on our Pickup Facebook page.

  • Where can I find pictures?

    Pictures of Windmill 2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 can be found on Facebook. Pictures from 2016 and earlier can be found here 

  • Where can I sign up to be a pickup player?

    You can sign up to be a pickup player in our Pickup Facebook page.

  • Where is Windmill?


    Sportpark de Eendracht, 

    Bok de Korverweg 6, 


    Amsterdam-Geuzenveld, The Netherlands

  • Who is organising Windmill?

    Everyone involved with the organization of Windmill is doing this voluntarily! Most if not all of us are ultimate enthusiasts and tend to keep coming back to be involved with Windmill every year. If you want to be part of the Windmill crew you can contact us. If you are interested in volunteering during the tournament you can sign up on the website.

  • Why does Herbie have such big ears?

    To listen to all your beautiful voices! If you have any comments/suggestions/feedback/compliments or cool ideas you can contact Herbie (info@windmilltournament.com).


  • Can I sign up as a pick up player?

    Yes you can. Once the team selection has been published you can join the windmill pickup Facebook group and try to find a team there!

  • Help, the website is not working for me, what can I do?

    Since we have a very new website, there may be some small bugs. Please make sure to try Google Chrome before contacting us.

  • How are teams selected?

    Due to the limited number of spots, not all team applications are successful. Our selection committee uses the following criteria when choosing teams:

    Level of play, spirit, previous Windmill attendance and who you are - we love to have a very international crowd of party people. Make sure to sell yourself in your application, we want to know about you!

    Note that how quickly you register is irrelevant to your selection chances, so make sure your application is complete and high quality.

  • How many teams will be selected?

    Windmill will accept 40 Mixed teams and 40 Open + Women teams, 80 teams in total.

    We have decided to postpone the decision of how many women's and open teams we let in until after registration is closed. It will either be the former setup of 18 Women and 22 Open teams, or 20 Women/20 Open teams.

    Windmill has been working towards gender equity. Our 2016 decision to decrease the number of spots for the men's division in favour of the mixed division was partially inspired by gender equity. So this is a shoutout to women's club teams and national teams of Europe and beyond: come one, come all!

    We want to give a podium to women's ultimate and explore if we can make the divisions fully gender equitable by having 20 women's teams and 20 open teams. However, we are aware that the level of our open division is a lot more competitive than in the women's division, and that it may not benefit the participating women's teams' experience if the level of play is diluted too much.

  • My team is on "pending", how do I change that to registered?

    One of the old admins of your team needs to confirm your registration. Those admins have received an email to confirm that you are allowed to sign up their team. If you keep having problems contact us info@windmilltournament.com

  • Should I sign up all the players of my team during registration?

    It is not necessary to sign up for all members of your team during team registration. You can add and remove players at a later date. The more detailed your team information is when the registration closes, the better we know you, which could increase your team's chances of getting in. You can alter your roster up until two weeks before the tournament.

  • Until when I can change/add/remove players in my team?

    You can adjust your roster until 2 weeks before the tournament . This means a hard deadline of the 1st of June 2024. If there are spots available after this date, you may be lucky enough to be allowed to add new players to your roster.

    Do note that paying at the tournament itself will cost you more. This is because it costs us extra to do so at the tournament and you should be incentivized to pay beforehand so that we can plan a fantastic Windmill as efficiently as possible!

  • What is Windmill’s official stance on gender?

    Anyone is welcome at Windmill first and foremost. Our policy is simple: you can choose which gender you are matching for the tournament. This cannot be changed during the tournament. Anyone who abuses any of our rules, including this one, is at risk of being sent away from the tournament and not invited back.

  • When do we find out if we are in?

    The teams will be announced in February.

  • When does registration close?

    Team registration for Windmill 2024 closes on February 20th 2024. 


  • Are the tickets non-refundable?

    A non-refundable deposit of 2 player tickets (€260) per team is required to guarantee your spot at Windmill.

    Team cancellation fee: 

    Until two weeks after team invitation: Full refund

    Before 20 March: 2 player tickets  (€260.-).

    Before 20th May: 50% of all player tickets will be withheld.

    Before 14 June: 90% of all player tickets will be withheld.

    Note: There are different rules if Windmill cancels. Please check our FAQ for more details. Windmill may attempt to refund more than what is stated above but can make no promises.


    The payment details will follow shortly after the team selection has been announced. If your team has been selected, you will have untill the 20th of March to pay the deposit or potentially lose your spot at Windmill.

    You can edit the number of players in your team until 1st June 2024.

  • Can I bring children/do I have to pay for them?

    The short answer is yes, you can bring children.

    For children 12 years and older you have to pay the normal festival/players ticket.

    If you bring younger kids you can bring them for free. In this case they can sleep with you on the campsite and come to the games. However you will have to share your food with them/bring food for them yourself. If you do want foodtickets for your kids they will have to be registered as guests and buy a festival tickets.

  • Can I pay a partial player fee if I don't play the full tournament?

    It is possible to split a player fee with someone else if the two of you together play the full tournament (one person on Friday and the other one Saturday/Sunday). In this situation only add one of the two players to the roster on the website.

    If you are only playing one day you can buy a one day playing ticket at the front desk for 50 euros. You will get a food ticket, can play the games and join all festivities that day. This is only possible if you have notified us beforehand about playing only 1 day, this can be done until June 1st. If a player only plays one day please don't register this player on the website otherwise you will have to pay the full 130 ticket for this player.

  • What do I get for my €130 player ticket?

    Included in the ticket is a camping spot for three nights, three breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners, three days of ultimate, four days of festivities including multiple parties and plenty of entertainment. 

  • Who counts as a guest and who counts as a player?

    If you are playing at Windmill you will need a player ticket. Coaches, injured players, guests and cheerleaders can all buy a festival ticket.

  • Why did the player fee increase?

    The move from 100 to 130 euros in 2022 happened for two reasons. One is a general increase of costs by most of our suppliers (partially inflation, partially COVID). The second reason is that we are no longer allowed to have players pitch their tents next to the fields and have to pay for a separate camping area.

  • Why is the payment deadline May 20th, but I can adjust the roster until June 1st?

    You can add players later but it will cost you more. Windmill saves money by planning well, this is difficult without a good estimate of how many players are going to be present and what funds we can rely on.

    Please pay the total of the fees before 20th of May. Player fees payed after the 20th of May will be charged 110% (€143.-). If you did pay ontime and want to add players to your roster after the 20th of May you can Do so for 2 players without an extra 10% fee. You can make these changes up until the 1st of June. The final bill will be settled at Windmill.

    Do note that paying at the tournament itself will cost you more. This is because it costs us extra to do so at the tournament and you should be incentivized to pay beforehand so that we can plan a fantastic Windmill as efficiently as possible!

  • Why no team fee?

    In order to make our fees more transparent, we scrapped the team fee and included this in the player ticket. This way, players know when they sign up how much Windmill will cost them.


  • Can I both volunteer and play at Windmill?

    “No, it is not possible to volunteer and play at Windmill. We need our volunteering heroes most during the tournament itself as that is the busiest period. We require our volunteers to at least be available the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the tournament. Preferably Thursday evening too, as we have a nice opening and briefing at 8pm!”

  • Can I choose what kind of job I want as a volunteer?

    Before the tournament, we will ask volunteers what job they prefer to do. Our volunteer coordinators will try their best to take your preference into account. However, not everyone will get their preferred job.

  • Can I register to volunteer only for a certain period of Windmill or do I have to do everything (build-up, tournament, break-down)?

    We would love to have you there the whole time, but we understand that sometimes it is not possible because you have other plans/responsibilities. We require volunteers to at least be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the tournament. Please note that people who can stay longer, have a bigger chance to become a volunteer at Windmill. There will be a general volunteer meeting on Thursday June 15th at 8pm, and we highly recommend you to be there.

  • Do volunteers get 'free' time?

    Well we wrote 'free time' in between quotes, because being a volunteer is a lot of fun. But yes, you will have time to walk over the terrain, watch high level matches, drink a beer with your (new) friends, party hard, enjoy the festivities, and plenty of it.

  • During my volunteer period can I go to the city center of Amsterdam?

    No, during your volunteer period we prefer you not to go to the city center. Windmill is a really big tournament and to make it awesome we want all volunteers, crew and players to stay on the premises. The more, the merrier!

  • I want to register myself together with a friend, can we have shifts together?

    Our volunteer coordination team will do their best to give you as much time together as possible. Please make sure you put this request in your comments during registration.

  • If my team doesn’t get selected I would like to volunteer. Should I sign up before or after the team selection is announced?

    If you would only like to volunteer if your team is not selected, you should sign up after the teams are selected (date TBD). 

    Volunteer registration will be open until 15th of March.

  • Is accommodation provided for volunteers?

    Yes, we will provide a camping spot. You only need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mattress. All volunteers and crew will sleep on a camping site together. 

  • Is food included for volunteers?

    Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for all the volunteers during build up, the tournament and breakdown. The volunteers also have a special place to enjoy some beers and snacks.


  • Are dogs allowed at Windmill?

    Sure! Let them tag along.

  • Can I charge my phone and leave it overnight?

    Maybe, we will offer either lockers at a low price which will mean you can charge your phones overnight or use an alternative method which will only be possible during the day. But be sure, you will be able to charge your phone at some point during the tournament.

  • Can I leave my bag/personal stuff in HQ?

    No, there are too many players for us to offer that.

  • Can I park my car at Windmill?

    Yes you can park your car on the big parking lot outside the gates of the venue, but this is paid parking. For free parking we recommend finding a P+R nearby and traveling the rest by public transport!

    Side note, you are not allowed to sleep in the car on the parking lot. Luckily, camping is included! If you come with a sleeping van, make sure to make a separate reservation for it!

  • Can I visit Windmill when I am not playing?

    Of course you can! You can come to watch the games for free. If you want a true Windmill experience (minus the muscle aches that a player gets) you can buy a guest pass. For €100 you get a camping spot for three nights, three breakfasts, two dinners, one disc, three days of ultimate, four days of festivities including multiple parties and plenty of entertainment.

  • Directions to the nearest supermarket/ATM/sportsshop (camping gear, cleats)

    If you can't use google maps, ask at the front desk and they will help you.

  • I want to camp in my van, can I park it inside the terrain?

    It is not possible to camp in your van at Windmill. You CANNOT sleep in the carpark or you may have to pay a fine. 

  • To do: How do I pay for stuff during the tournament?

    You can pay using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. If you wish to pay in cash, go to the front desk and get a cash card. When you top up your cash card you can use it like a debit card at all selling points at Windmill.

  • We heard thunder… Do we continue playing?

    Probably not. Immediately check in with the Tournament Directors and schedule guru Tim about delaying the games at the front desk. They will consult the safety plan and do some nifty calculations about thunder/lightening, counting seconds between them and figuring out when or if the lightening is at a safe distance.

  • What happens to lost and found items?

    Lost and found items are collected during the tournament in the Iggy tent. Items that are not retrieved within 2 days after the end Windmill are brought to the Salvation Army.

  • When should I arrive at Windmill 2024?

    The first games start Friday June 14th at 9 am. However, we highly recommend you to plan your arrival on Thursday for the opening ceremony and other exciting events to kickoff Windmill's 18th edition!


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