About Windmill

What is the Windmill Tournament?

The Windmill Tournament is an annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament and festival held in Amsterdam. Windmill accepts 80 teams each year across three divisions; open, women's and mixed. The four-day event is loaded with high level Ultimate action, and off-field entertainment that results in an unforgettable weekend of intense sport and constant fun.

Our achievements are made possible by the amazing players that show up every year and the Dutch Ultimate community - who continue to provide Windmill with the necessary energy and expertise required to host the event. We strive to provide volunteers and organisers with a platform for creative thinking, which has been an excellent means for us to learn as we grow.


Our mission is to host the greatest Frisbee event the world has ever seen - year in, year out. We pride ourselves on providing players with the highest quality service, maintained by our dedicated crew and hard working volunteers. 


We will continue to challenge ourselves on how to improve, in order to being the most well organised, sustainable, high level and fun Ultimate Frisbee festival in the world.

Quick facts

Sportpark de Eendracht, Amsterdam
Mixed (40), Open (20), Women (20)
Number of teams
Number of Frisbee fanatics
+/- 1800
Upcoming edition