Wet Cheddar

We are a newly founded club program based out of West Chester, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. We are about to go into our 3rd year and we would love to attend windmill together to bring the entire program closer together. We consist of a 'first team' Loco and a 'second team' Stoke but we are trying to set ourselves apart in the local club scene by being an extremely inclusive and cohesive program. During the season we practice once a week together as a program and try to generally stay as close as we can. We're not looking to just be an A and B team but something more. We want to give local players an option to play either mid level or elite ultimate and do so in a fun and inclusive environment. We founded the team with some close friends a few years ago and our philosophy has always been that we want to play at the highest level possible with the people we care about the most. That is a sentiment that we seem to all genuinely share and why our program is ready to enter year 3 stronger than ever, both on the field and in our relationships.

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United States of America
West Chester, Pennsylvania
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