Triple Crown

Hello! Nice to see you :-) We're "Triple Crown", a team of people from all over the world who have settled in the southeast region of the United States, and a branch of the Tampa Bay Ultimate organization. Our name is an ode to three of the world's most fun and unique ultimate tournaments in which we're hoping to compete this year (Lei Out in California, Windmill Windup in Amsterdam, Hopu Ka Leiwa in Hawaii). Generally speaking, we're good frisbee players who are incapable of staying sober during the bye. Over the years, our group has competed in tournaments all over the world under a host of different names, and we thought last year would be the end, as people were looking to "settle down" and "have kids", whatever that means... 2020 Update: Having children was intimidating. People settled for dogs instead, and frisbee lives on. Our team spirit games are always some of the brightest at tournaments, including the world-renowned "Firing Squad" and "Roulette". We've got some newcomers like "Macho Mug" and "Sky Mall" that we'd love to share with you.

Roster 2020

Alexander Guedouar (A.J. Guedouar)
Natasha Bedoya-Ross (Tash Bedoya-Ross)
Jordan Taheri
Mark Schimmel Schimmel
Jaime Benites
Shawna Zielstorff
Austin Schoeck
Becca Poznansky (Rebecca Poznansky)
Brandon Perales Null
Therese Doebler
Jacob Crescent (Jacob "Take Your Shirt Off" Crescent)
Nick Hunter Null
Whitney Bastian
Ivan "Fountain of Youth" Null (Ivan Fountain)
Alexis Brantly
Jo Cheng
Sharon Pederson
Mark Mendelevitz
Sam Pederson
Dom Fareri Null

Quick facts

United States of America
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2020

Boom at the Beach!
2 / 8
Southeast Mixed Club Regionals
3 / 16
Windmill XV
10 / 40
Janus XXI
4 / 20