Tiki Taka Ultimate Dubai

Tiki Taka Ultimate is a Dubai-based Ultimate team founded in 2016 which was inspired by a Spanish style of football of short passing and movement. We humbly started with less than 10 members and are now a thriving and growing family. This team has been everyone's version of home away from home. We are a diverse, passionately driven, and highly competitive team who constantly push ourselves to be better. We pride ourselves on not just the number of tournaments won but on the process we had to undergo to win tournaments, instill competitiveness and the ability to share this beautiful sport with the UAE community. After winning and proving ourselves in the recently concluded MENA Club Championships held in Amman, Jordan in November 2021, we know that taking part in Windmill 2022 is the next feat for us to conquer. Ultimately, we are bonded with our one ultimate love for swinging discs, limitless cuts, fake throws & clear fun! Facebook: www.facebook.com/tikitakaultimatedubai/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/tikitakaultimatedxb?utm_medium=copy_link

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