Thundering Herd

More than just a team, we're a cow print dressed family. Established in 2003, we boast a 20-year legacy of excellence in the UK Ultimate scene. We regularly field two top-tier mixed teams in the UKU Ranking Events, and our Regional/Nationals contenders have consistently proven their mettle. But we're not all trophies and throws. We prioritize community, fostering a welcoming environment for beginners and seasoned players alike. Our annual Herdlodge retreat is a testament to this, combining intense training with hilarious team-building activities that forge lasting bonds. When it comes to competition, we bring the heat. We've battled across Europe, gracing international grass and beach tournaments with our distinctive cow-print kit. Our large squad ensures depth and versatility, while our unwavering competitive spirit pushes us to constantly improve. We're not just participants; we're entertainers. Our passionate playing style and infectious enthusiasm will electrify your event, leaving spectators breathless and opponents in awe. We're more than just another team. We're ambassadors of the sport, dedicated to raising its profile and fostering a vibrant community. We're guaranteed to bring excitement, exceptional talent, and an unforgettable experience to your tournament.

Roster 2024

Camilla Spearing

Quick facts

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Roster size
Windmill attendings
Highest Windmill rank
4/18   (2009)

Road to Windmill 2024

UKU Nationals
7 / 12