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Hi Herbbie, Hi to all! The time has come when we are ready to take part in your great tournament: Windmill. Will you think why? What team is this? But in 3 minutes I hope you believe that we can be a black horse of the competition. The history of our team begins in 2011 and we can divide it into 2 stages. The first, longer part of the time (8 years) is the competition and development of the „Girls Stay Home” team ... do you know? did you hear something? I suppose so, because apart from sports results, we were recently concerned with a case related to intolerant reception of our name and logo by others. Although, we didn't have any bad intentions and were strongly emotionally connected with the team, and ... after winning the Polish championship title twice and reaching the EUCF, under the pressure of the federation and the ban on performing at WUCC in Ohio, we decided to rebranding, refresh the team and do additional changes to achieve even better results and progress. That's how we transformed into "The Bridge". You will ask why "Bridge"? This is because bridges are a showcase of Wrocław (there are over a hundred here). They symbolize the connection that is necessary in team and team sport to create unity, common visions and goals. For us, the bridge is associated with something solid, strong and powerful, so we want to present ourselves like that. Interesting fact, by large number of bridges and canals in the city, Wrocław is often described as Polish Amsterdam. Significant number of bikes on our roads among low-rise buildings heighten this impression, which we personally very like. We are a Wroclaw team, the current Polish champion (fourth in a row) consisting of about 30 actively training players, also representing our country in national teams as players and trainers - which increases our experience. Our players also repeatedly play Windmill as players of Polish teams for many years, even in the national teams and clubs but we never had the opportunity and we were not so determined to perform with our strong Wroclaw men's team. In the end, we decided that the time is right and we are ready to resist on the Amsterdam fields. Our team consists of the best players in Polish Ultimate, team founders, coaches and their top team members, multiple Polish representatives, athletes, enthusiasts and positive people who want to play this year as unity, „The Bridge”.

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