That's My Frank (TMF)

We're a bunch of fun-loving, spirited unicorns from all over the United States (primarily the Midwest - Minneapolis, MN and Madison, WI, but also including Denver, CO and Bay Area, CA) who bring joy, glitter, and a raucous party to every tournament. We win the tournament and the party. No one is safe from our glitter cuddle puddles and gin bucket shots. Our unicorns are comprised of players from national-level club teams (NOISE, Heist, etc.), national-level Masters teams (Hot Flash, Bridge Club), pro players from the American Ultimate Disc League, and Team Hong Kong (WUGC & WUCC appearances). Each year, unicorns converge from across the United States for a single tournament and share our love of frisbee, fun, and spirit together for a week. We prioritize spirit and fairness when playing and sometimes, our inflatable unicorn mascot Ulysses N. Corn is asked to play a point or two if things blow up. Either way, sequins and sparkles are guaranteed.

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