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Sundrive Social had its beginnings in the year 2020 under the name “Social Sports Dublin”. What started as a group of random strangers who gathered together to maintain mental health and wellbeing during a global pandemic, quickly turned into a growing team of passionate players. Welcome, Sundrive! Over the past few years, Sundrive has seen some incredible transformations both from an individual and a team perspective. However, while we have become more and more competitive, we have still been able to stay true to our core value: to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for players of all skills and abilities. Proof of this is shown in our numbers. With a very international core group of players from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Bolivia, France, India, Ireland, Malaysia, UK, USA and Venezuela all playing together regularly, in the past year, we have also introduced ultimate to over 200 new players, 40 of whom are now competing with us in tournaments and making significant contributions on and off the pitch. A glimpse into the club and some of its players can be seen in the following video illustrating the welcoming nature of Sundrive: . In addition to the growing size of our club and our improvements on the competitive side of the sport, we have also earned much recognition for our team’s strong focus on the Spirit of the Game. Following our first spirit award win in 2021 at the All Ireland Beach Ultimate Championships, we have regularly won or placed very highly in spirit at every competition we entered. For every tournament we enter, we strongly encourage good Spirit of the Game, so earning these awards while playing against some of the top teams in Ireland is a huge accomplishment and source of pride for Sundrive.

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