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Stockholm Valhalla is the elite Mixed team from the Stockholm Ultimate Frisbee Club. As a club we are a very inclusive group committed to providing playing and growth opportunities for organized Ultimate in Stockholm. Throughout the year players from the club play in both Women's (Valkyria), Open (Odin), and the mixed (Valhalla) division. As a club we have worked to increase the opportunities for competitive Ultimate in the city and create the most successful and fun teams possible. As Valhalla are a deeply committed and competitive group of women and men who strive to be the very best team that we can while maintaining great spirit. During 2021, the Mixed National tournament in Sweden was canceled, so we were unable to compete for our goal of winning Swedish Nationals. However, we continued to train weekly as a team to ensure that whenever we next had our opportunity to play, we were ready. Going into 2022 we are excited to be competing at WUCC in Cincinnati. It will be the first time our club has competed at the worlds level at any division. And we are thrilled to be able to do it as a mixed squad, showing the world the level of all of our players! As part of the 2022 campaign, culminating in our trip to WUCC, we are training as much as possible (at least weekly), and attending many high level tournaments to gain the necessary experience to compete at the highest level possible. We are excited to attend Windmill Windup 2022!

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