SMOG Mixed was established in 2013, is a young and thriving UK mixed team. We recently placed 21st at WUCC (placing in the top 8 of European teams there). In addition to this we placed Top 8 at Euros 2017, and 12th at Windmill 2018. Since then we have been resting as a club but come back in 2019 to push UK Mixed clubs onto the European scene. SMOG is a club that takes players from all over the North of the UK. This is a very underrepresented part of UK Ultimate and we have allowed players who have no local clubs to play at an elite level. Recently two of our (past and present) players won EYPOTY 2018 awards - Conrad Wilson and Rachel Turton! We are dedicated to pushing ourselves and the teams we play against whilst upholding the highest level of spirit. We believe that Ultimate is best when people are having fun through intense and fair competition. We love to play mixed because we believe it brings people together in a way that sport should be played. This is something we are excited to show teams and spectators in 2019!

Roster 2019

Alex Greer
Alex Mazzon
Ava Grossman
Bella Tait
Carlo Connor-Hill
David Steedman
Emily McCabe
Fraser Macdonald (Fraser MacDonald)
Jenny Lam
Ivan Mladjenovic
Katie Ackerley
Kim Marsh
Natasha Lim
Oliver Gray
Sarah Ladd
Tiffany Anderson (Tiff Anderson)
Tom Bennett
Tom Lees
Will Collier
Harry Glasspool
Hari Tidswell
GG Morrison
Dominic Knight (DK)
Sam Higginbotham (Slender)

Quick facts

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Northern England
Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2019

WUCC 2018
21 / 40
Windmill Windup 2018
12 / 40
UKU Mixed Tour 2018 (Final placing) 2018
3 / 68
Euros 2017
8 / 16
UKU Mixed Nationals 2017
2 / 8
Dublin's Golden Cup
5 / 20