Slovenia Mixed

We are a mixed team from Slovenia, assembled from 4 different Slovenian teams - Cosmo, Ptuj Legion, Rubber Duckies and Nuclear Disc. Most of our players have been playing together for the last 6 years in Club, U20 national and national teams, so we know each other very well. We are a group of friends that like to have a good time and love to play hardcore Ultimate! That certanly reflects on our high SOTG which we are known for and are very proud of. In the past our men and women U20 teams were always in the top 3 most spirited teams at WJUC 2016, EYUC 2017 and EYUC 2019 (Current mixed team consists of the same players!) and also our MIXED team scored 5th SOTG place at EUC in Gyor 2019. Apart from being very spirited, we love to give everything we have on the field and dont hold back when its time to grind - we always put our whole hearts, souls and bodies into the best sport in the world!

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