Shopski Otryad

Shopski Otryad is the first Ultimate team in Bulgaria, created in 2010 by a couple of neighbourhood friends, very much like dreamers chasing windmills. Being the only dedicated team in the country for more than 8 years, we have struggled against all odds to find competition, to grow and to show our ultimate and our spirit to the world. This desire has pushed us to start travelling to find tournaments, initially only within the Balkan region and later on in countries with a more developed Ultimate scene such as Germany and Italy. Ultimate in Bulgaria is quite young, wild and free. Whatever we lack in strategic vision and tactics, we always make up in desire to play, to make amazing defenses and to enjoy our game in good spirit. Our greatest strength is that we are not simply a team, but a wholesome, amazing, loving family. We love to be free and to play our game on the field, but we also love to scream, shout, sing songs and make some noise. Even though we come from a small Ultimate region, we strive to be leaders on the Balkans when it comes to playing competitive games, having good spirit, making new ultimate friends and destroying the parties.

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