We are Scotland's elite women's team. Established in 2019, we've attended UK Nationals in each of our competitive seasons. We've been accepted to WUCC this year in Cincinnati, and are eager to continue the growth of our club and compete at the highest level both in the UK and throughout Europe. Our team looks strong this year with several players having been accepted to represent their countries at various world's events. Although much of our experience has been domestic, we are striving to take our game to the next level and experience international competition. Although our record may not reflect it, we've grown since our inception with a larger player base, a coach, and increased training opportunities. The 2020 season did not occur in the UK due to covid, and in 2021, nationals was our only tournament. Scotland was also under more stringent covid measures than England, significantly impacting our training ability for the season and arguably affecting our outcome at nationals. We are eager to hit the ground running this season.

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