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Rebel Ultimate hails from the biggest and best county in Ireland, Cork! Nestled in the south of Ireland, at the beginning of the Wild Atlantic Way, Cork City lies at the top of Cork harbour, arguably the most beautiful harbour in the world, and at the end of the River Lee, perhaps the most beautiful river in the world? We at Rebel pride ourselves on our Cork roots and illustrious Ultimate heritage. Rebel has produced many of the top players in Irish ultimate over the past 21 years and our close collaboration with UCC and MTU (the two universities in Cork) and also a number of secondary schools in Cork city and county will no doubt continue this trend. As we are so full of love for our native county and our beautiful city you might expect that we look down at other lands and strange cities, but this could not be further from the truth! No, above all else we love to hear stories and see photos from the beautiful places our many friends hail from and travel to. If we have the good fortune of playing you, we look forward to hearing your stories, and hope you will enjoy hearing about Cork too!

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