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RAZA is an Ultimate Frisbee Club from Bogotá, Colombia. RAZA was born in 2006 out of a group of collage friends. It has been 12 years and the group of friends who enjoyed Ultimate became a family. Today we play competitively and we are now one of Colombias top teams. The founding of our team falls on the the same date as Colombus discovery of America which in Colombia is called the ‘Day of the Race’. Just as the the Day of the Race was concieved to united people and nations who have something in common like languages, origin and religion, more than that our team is united by beliefs that have become our battle call: strength, heart, spirit; Therefore we choose RAZA as our name. We dedicate time to promote the sport that we love so much. We are a club that is constantly growing through the junior and women training camps. Our years of history we have always been in the TOP10 of Colombia, we have been champions of spirit in two opportunities of the national tournament, characteristic that we have present among the values of our club. Our junior team is one of the best of its category in Colombia. They are the current champions of SOTG. Today our elite roster combines players who have been part of the National Team in the categories U17 to Masters. We have a well formed team that evolved over the years. Playing tournaments working our way up to where we are today. The Team has achieved a high level of competitivity in Colombia and it has helped us to cross borders; We have played as open team in countries like Venezuela and USA. We played finals in the ‘OH MY KNEE TOURNAMENT’ in Albany, New York; semifinal in a Mixed tournament in Pittsburgh. Now we are ready to go further and get to know the European Ultimate representing the ‘Colombian RAZA’.

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