The story of our team started from indoor ultimate in 2014 with a group of young and ambitious players. Our goal was to win the Russian indoors championships, and we succeeded in 2018, beating the well known RealFive team in the final, who further on became the European indoor champions in 2020. When we achieved our goal indoors, we got encouraged us to make the decision to stop being an indoors-only team and try our go outdoors to achieve best results there as well. The basis of our team are former young players of two other Moscow teams - Dolgorukiye and Luckygrass (11th place at WUCC in Lecco). Now we have more young players who joined in 2018, hopefully the future of Russian ultimate. In the previous two years we took the 3rd place on Russian outdoor nationals. Our captain - Alexander Rudometkin has recently successfully played with Los Otros team on a big tournament in Madrid taking the silver medals.

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