Rainbow Brigade

Our team is a collection of LGBTQ individuals with high-level ultimate experience hailing from 4 continents. We have decades of experience and have competed in European, US, Australian, and World championships. Although we haven’t all met in person yet on the field, we’ve come together around a common vision of bringing a super fun, super competitive LGBTQ pickup team to Windmill.We decided to come together and identified Windmill as the perfect venue for our LGBT super team. We are incredibly excited about the prospect of playing at this tournament and with this team. We’re excited to get to know each other through competition, to get to know our competitors on the pitch, and to contribute to the Spirit and energy of Windmill. We promise to play spirited, fun and above all competitive games against everyone we meet. On top of that, we promise some swag (very likely-rainbow-themed) for our opponents.

Roster 2019

Cooper Joy
Georgia Egan-Griffiths
Jenna Thomson
Jeff Valeros
Lauren Carden
Marie Sennyey
Martyn Brown
Nils Ostertag
Spirit captain
Rach Skyer
Sawyer Thompson
Levke Walczak
Gavin Sing
Mara Saltzman
Jordan Taylor
Laura Suárez León

Quick facts

United States of America
San Francisco
Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2019

This road looks pretty empty..