Rainbow Brigade

Our team is a collection of LGBTQ+ individuals with elite ultimate experience hailing from 3 continents. We have decades of playing experience and have competed in European, US, and World championships. Many of us are founders and captains of our respective clubs. We’ve come together around a common vision of bringing a super fun, super competitive all-queer pickup team to Windmill. We identified Windmill as the perfect stage for our queer super team because of its position in the spotlight of the global ultimate community. At the tournament will shine a spotlight on queer athleticism, foster global queer community in the sport, and start conversations about how to make ultimate a more inclusive environment for all players. Specifically, we've worked with tournament organizers to host a talk about how to make ultimate inclusive towards people of all genders. We'll educate participants around the topic of gender diversity and give suggestions on how to run games in ways that feel enjoyable and safe for all individuals. In these ways, we will contribute both to the culture as well as the competition of the tournament. We hope to engage other teams in our mission and help create an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Roster 2019

Linus Mueller
Jordan Taylor
Aki Younge
Laurel Oldershaw
Ali Thomas
Jenna Thomson
Stephen Schott
Jeff Valeros
Cooper Joy
Sawyer Thompson
Gavin Sing
Levke Walczak
Laura Suárez León
Martyn Brown
Nils Ostertag
Spirit captain
Robin Skyer (Rach Skyer)
Marie Sennyey

Quick facts

United States of America
San Francisco
Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2019

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