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We're Pie Wagon, the team representing Australia at WMUCC 2022. Pie Wagon is one of the most successful Mixed Australian Clubs, ranking 5th at 2010 WUCC, and 9th 2018 WUCC (equal 7th for Spirit). We are the reigning runners-up at Australian Div 1 Nationals in 2018 & 2019 (no 20/21 comp, so still reigning!). We maintain our high level of spirit on the domestic playing field as well, finishing less than 0.4/0.7pts behind the Spirit Winners in 2018/2019. Pie Wagon is based in a small regional city, Newcastle, 2 hours north of Sydney. It's green, friendly, and has incredible beaches - and not surprisingly it has recently been attracting a number of international ultimate players to live. We're sending teams to both World Club Championships this year; our first-ever international masters squad (us!) will be jigging over to Ireland for WMUCC the weekend after Windmill. Our name, Pie Wagon, comes from our success with our unique throws. "Pie" is a term for a high risk throw and when we start to have a run of successful “pies”, we get on the wagon! Off the field, we have refined tastes, and our team enjoys baking and eating cherry pies, pumpkin pies, apple pies, apple & rhubarb pies, and good ol’ savoury meat and potato pies. We look forward to seeing what pies we can eat over in Amsterdam. We have a strong, eclectic, and energetic team. This includes Myall Hingee, who runs up a mountain the day after each tournament for fun (honestly, most of the rest of us ice our ankles and rehydrate); Professor Tamara Davis, a well-known Australian ultimate superstar (numerous national team appearances), renowned astrophysicist and multiple Windmill attendee; Dr Chris Folkes, a geologist (he knows how to rock it!) and 3-time Aussie rep; Stu and Liz Sinclair, long-term members of Pie Wagon who uphold the legacy of the club by advocating for plenty of brown in the club uniform (every pie needs a crust!); Millie, who came to ultimate late but hard (another international Aussie rep)... and our manager Nicky Smith, who brought WUCC 2014 to the world via SKYD with Hilco Bukema and Casper Schmitt (she would absolutely love to see Hilco and Casper at Windmill 2022, though will decline another 30km motorbike ride with Casper on a highway while wearing shorts, despite his safe driving). So, that's us: pie lovers, pie throwers, and a loveable mix of oldies and goodies (to be clear, we're a mixed team but we're all both old AND good).

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