Ouseburn Social Club

From the cruel, dark, eternal winter of North East England and the blustering torrent of North Wales there hails a rag tag bunch of hardy souls with weather beaten faces and wind stiffened hands. After many moons of fierce conflict between these honorable peoples, whispers of peace started calming the howling winds of war. The Twelve Seahorses Of The Alliance came forth and spoke to each feuding side and asked for an offer of the three most spirited women and men to ride with them across the water to the shores of Nederland, spreading the word of peace. To brighten the journey, the chosen twelve brought with them their upmost party people. With this additional band of hooligans in tow, Ouseburn Social Club was formed, embarking through the crashing waves and arriving to raptuous applause.

Roster 2024

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Newcastle upon Tyne
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