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NOISE is a team, founded in 2009, that has slowly climbed the ranks of the mixed scene from a scrappy young group of Tryhard athletes to national title contender without losing the silliness and joy cultivated along the way. We are a team that values our friendships and the experience of playing together above all else, and are fortunate that success has followed in both domestic play and at our recent trip to WUCC. We were fortunate that Ultiworld decided to write an article about our team that encapsulates our team more beautifully than I ever could. It was written by an Ultiworld writer who we got to know well over the season, and we are so grateful for her profile. As a part of our bid, we put together this little video to show a bit of our team personality, including some highlights and, more importantly, some of the dumb things we did on stream:

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United States of America
Madison, Wisconsin
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