No Chill

Go ahead, you put on those uggs. Text them back immediately. Throw it in the microwave. Never forget that stall 0 hammers win games. Netflix and what now? This team has a zero-tolerance policy on chill. Cobbled together from friendships made at travel tournaments around the world, we present: No Chill. This team is what happens when you go to tournaments for the frisbee, the fun, and the new friends. Though our homes are geographically spread out, ranging from Seattle to Glasgow, we love getting the team together for an amped up tournament! Our players' experience ranges from 3-20+ years on the field and awards from club national champions to winners of the coveted spoon. We pride ourselves on being a happy home for everyone who's out there to PLAY HARD! Our motto is Play Competently, Party Competitively.

Roster 2024

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United States of America
Boston, Massachusetts
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