Mr. T Party

In 2016, the winds of change blew across the suburbs of Amsterdam. A swaggily-dressed, overly-spirited, nuttily-fun team walked away from Windmill Windup with Spirit Award in hand and pride in their hearts. As quickly as the raucous, Boston-based team had come, they had left, disappearing into the air with nothing but a faint "Give me a T!" in the distance Years passed. Members of the legendary Mr. T Party moved. Some got married, some had kids, some stayed single functioning-alcoholics, but all were happy... Until the wind picked back up. Until the thirst for "the funness of the game" became too strong. Until they realized that they were not too old to fly across an ocean to play ultimate. At least, not yet... Mr. T Party has come back together, bringing together alumni and new faces to create a new T Party movement with the same purpose: being the most spirited, fun-loving ultimate team in the world! Don't pity, just party!

Roster 2024

No roster yet.

Quick facts

United States of America
Everywhere, US
Roster size
Windmill attendings
Highest Windmill rank
39/40   (2016)

Road to Windmill 2024

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