Kanye 2020

As a group of like-minded individuals hailing from Boise, Idaho, Providence, Rhode Island, and some places in between, Kanye 2020 is here to dance to one song, and one song only: diplomacy. Following in the footsteps of our greatest, most-recent forefathers, we’re a team focused on having the best spirit, no one will have better spirit, only the best levels of sportsmanship, and the best attitude, all while working harder, better, faster, and stronger. With our goals set on winning the party and on playing some incredible ultimate, we can’t wait to collude with you. We love frisbee, fun, and friendship, and we’re on the road to share that message with the world before the looming election. Now, Kanye 2020 ain't sayin’ you’re a gold digger, and we aren’t sure if you believe in shooting stars, but as a team of elite club players and lifelong friends from across the United States, we’re here to keep it 300, like the Romans.

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