Just Saiyan

Just Saiyan started in 2016 when a group of friends from middle school decided to combine their love of ultimate and Dragon Ball Z. Over the last eight years, this team has been a stalwart of the Seattle League scene, fielding a team every season (four per year) with the same core of players. In addition to weekly League play, Just Saiyan is always looking for new, exciting tournaments. We are annual participants in regional tournaments like Sunbreak, Hanford Howl, and Gnarly Gnines, and we’ve also traveled to Alaska, California, Mexico, and the Philippines for tournament play. As a team, we thrive in environments where competitive ultimate meets a fun atmosphere. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but love to play our best level of ultimate whenever we can. Just Saiyan prides itself on our Spirit, and making friends in ultimate. Outside of weekly games and practices, our team is a part of the larger ultimate community in Seattle and beyond. Our team members coach school teams and clinics, captain beginner hat league teams, volunteer at youth tournaments, and support the Seattle AUDL and PUL teams. Ultimately (pun intended), Just Saiyan is a team that loves to spend time with each other, meet new people, and play as much ultimate as we can. We’re known to offer opponents our famous Saiyan Juice, lead dances to Lizzo, and sometimes play points with props and funny rules. We are loud, we are wacky, we wear orange, and we love ultimate.

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