Hund Flach Werfen

We are also called "DogZilla", or "Captain Dog". We play competitive, high-fun and level ultimate, preferably while dancing to hard-minimalist-techno. We are becoming more adventurous and keen to cook more exotic dishes, experimenting with wilder flavours. Here are some delicious true-facts about us: 1. We all live in Berlin, but quite international team (1 Scot guy, 2 Ukrainian girls, 1 Czech girl, 1 Polish married couple, 1 Italian guy, 1 German girl (born in South Africa, grown up in Canada and now studying back in Berlin) & many other Germans with their own funny stories of the way getting to this world 2. We have 3, 2 meter tall players 3. We got a guy with the thinnest legs on Earth 4. We got a player been playing over twenty years, he got a walking stick 5. We got a guy more handsome than Tom Cruise 6. Some of our team have recently done altitude training in Kyrgyzstan 8. We got four doctors on the team - one a disc-trauma specialist 9. We got a player who lubricates his rubik's cube and can do it in under 1 minute 10. We have over 12 swing dancers in our team, if only they were as dedicated to ultimate 11. 50% of the team are vegans - the other players get to eat almost double! 12. There is no interesting fact #7 because we have one nerd in our team

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