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A young team full of surprises. We are Heidees Open. Though the Heidees are a team with tradition (8th place at WUCC 2014 in Lecco, known in the past for rocking up at EUCF for a 'weekend with the boys'), the team has changed significantly over the past year. Older players have passed responsibility to younger players (both on and off field) and the Heidees' mentality has changed in several aspects. We want to play unconventional Ultimate, aiming to break away from the typically quite predictable German ultimate. We are exciting to watch, always trusting our teammates for big plays on offence and defence. We play quick, fast-moving and flexibly. We play with fun and love for ultimate. This has been visible during the last season, when we at German nationals dethroned the long-reigning German champion Bad Skid in semis, when we beat German champion Wall City in the EUCF quarterfinal, when we played on eye level with CUSB in the game for 3rd at EUCF. Above all, we are a bunch of young and old players who simply want to have fun, and believe that we play best when enjoying ultimate.

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