Hardfisch is all about the community. Over the last few years Hardfisch has been on a quest to be part of the local, national and global ultimate community as much as possible. In our city we host the Hamburg Rumble, a stormy season-opener in April for many ambitious open - and since 2019, also womens' - teams in Europe. We try to provide a competitive and fun environment and every Player on our roster is hyped to be a good tournament host. Last fall we hosted the second iteration of our competitive hat tournament for open and womens' players from northern Germany. The Hamburg womens' and open community is tightly bonded by our mixed Teams (one of which, Sturmflut has played in the Windmill 2019 edition), our Goaltimate pickup matches on weekends, journeys to international tournaments, various Seagull-Fisch couples (plus kids), and legendary christmas parties. In Germany we have established Hardfisch as a force to be reckoned with, finishing in the top 10 since 2014. Our second Team, Hard2Fisch has managed to be advanced to the 2nd division in 2018 and even jumped to the first division after a magnificent 2022 season. This goes to show the strenght and depth of our open community that keeps straining the capacity of our training facilities every wednesday, when we train together. After qualifying for WMUCC 2022 in Limerick, Ireland, an exquisite roster of masters players from both Hardfisch and Hard2fisch commited to becoming the fittest they have ever been in order to not only participate but compete at Worlds. This paid off first in Wroclaw, at the EMUCC, when our Masters took home the trophy of European Champions and then in Limerick making bracket. Inspired by our Masters' motivation we sent a Team to beach nationals, winning the tournament and getting us a spot at EBUCC in Portimao, Portugal. With the seagulls participating in both of these great tournaments too, the community experience was central to us. Great emphasis over the last years has been on playing hard, competitive and -above all- spirited. Our Spirit-Results ofer the last years show that we are on the right path, finishing with ratings above 10 since 2017, winning spirit at nationals 2019, coming in 3rd at EMUCC and 2nd at Nationals, Pokal, WMUCC and EBUCC 2022.

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