FRuBB (formerly Frau Rauscher & the Bembelboys)

What do Buzz Aldrin, Robert Scott and FRuBB all have in common...? We are all famous for coming in 2nd place! Buzz Aldrin was the 2nd man on the moon, Robert Scott led the 2nd expedition to ever reach the South Pole, and – most importantly – FRuBB came 2nd in Grass Mixed Nationals and Beach Mixed Nationals in Germany last year! So obviously we want to come to Windmill and reach for that silver medal and get the 2nd best spirit result! Jokes aside – after our WUCC debut last year, we are ready for another season of high-level mixed ultimate. We want to use the momentum we’ve built up and continue to integrate the next generation of “Frubbies” into the team. That means playing and partying with Herbie and all his friends! We promise to be the 2nd coolest team there – and if that’s not enough (you’ve guessed it), we will bring plenty of Apfelwein from Frankfurt!

Roster 2024

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