FRuBB (formerly Frau Rauscher & the Bembelboys)

Dear Windmill team! first things first – we have re-branded ourselves as “FRuBB” since nobody could pronounce “Frau Rauscher and the Bembelboys”! This is going to be important in summer for the match commentators when we are facing up against the world’s best mixed teams at WUCC in Ohio! We are the mixed team based in Frankfurt, Germany and play in the German first division (at least in theory, since it has been cancelled the last two years due to you know what...). Maybe we are growing old (about half of us are the "wrong" side of 30) - but luckily we have some youth developing and on the way up, that we are integrating into our first team. The Corona situation was difficult but we managed to qualify for WUCC for the first time recently! So that is giving us a huge goal to reach for :-)

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