Force Elektro MXD

Force Elektro is a team from the Netherlands, attached to the TU Delft - one of the world's leading engineering schools. Historically, it's a student team. And it still is! Every year, new students from around the world join the club. But players stay, programs grow (Men's and Women's) and as per 2023, Force Elektro is one of the largest clubs in the Netherlands. In 2022, our men's team competed at WUCC. What a learning experience! On the road to WUCC the men's team went to Windmill where many of our ladies were competing with a National pick-up team in the women's division. What a blast we had. And we saw the light: we should play together as a mixed team all the time! So last fall we've created Force Elektro's first ever mixed program. With a combination of the most senior players and some talent from the region, we're practising all year long and strive for a fun and competitive season. UUT (for our students only), Frozen Cherries, Windmill and maybe even G-Spot in Belgium. We are both ready and super excited to play and light up the dancefloor!

Roster 2023

Bram Steenhuisen
Annemarijn Boon
Bert (Bert Van den Abbeele)
Francesca Greco
Isa Den Besten (Isa den Besten)
Jop Alofs
Marcus Becker
Leo Hendriks
Martin Lesueur
Melissa Markus
Rebecca Baaijens
Sem Valks
Tijmen Boereboom Null
Rosa Calegari
Reuben Gardos Reid
Emma Wensen (Emma van Wensen)
Dave Hogendoorn
Sara Bocconi
Niké Te Brinke (Niké te Brink)
Dilge Gül
Spirit captainadmin
Victoria Leskoschek (Vici)
Camilo Rachello
Farkas Beöthy
Spirit captainadmin

Quick facts

Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2023

Dutch competition
4 / 21
Frozen Cherries
2 / 10