For the Shire!

While you've probably already heard about us, in case you haven't, we are a team comprised of individuals from the United States, Israel, and Middle Earth (Europe). Some notable facts and accomplishments; members of our team have chugged a quart of heavy cream, competed in more than a dozen countries, almost been kicked out of Machu Pichu for backflipping, kept bees (they still do), rescued a street dog from China, not washed their hair for more than a year (and counting), invented an Ultimate-themed board game (ask us about it), riverboated down the Rio Negro, grown mushrooms, road tripped across Australia, and chugged 3 beers in 9.8 seconds (challenge him, he's devastating). This team has members who have played at WUCCs, WUGCs, and in national tournaments across the world. We're like a team of Merry and Pippins, good comic relief, often barefoot, down for pipeweed and second breakfast.

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United States of America
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