Flyght Club

Flyght Club have existed since 2001 and were formed by Frisbee royalty, Stephen Giguere and Tom Styles, famously of Blockstack TV. Our founding members were around in the formative years of the UK ultimate scene and continued to develop the team over many years, before passing the torch onto members of the club who have managed the team since 2012. With Styles continuing his commentary at some very high profile events, with Windmill being one of them. Our club has grown in strength over the years, competing at UKU tour events for the last 20 odd years. 2023 sees us venturing back in the mixed scene after a few years off. With the club looking to have 1/2 open teams and 1/2 mixed teams at tours throughout the year. We have developed some of the most exciting talent over the years and continue to push for new players to develop at our club. With players ranging from months of play time, to GB, GB Masters and GB Grandmasters players. With 7 players having competed at World Masters in Ireland in 2022.

Roster 2024

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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18/1   (2007)

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