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Greetings Europe! We are a mix of players who hail from eastern Canada, with a couple of additions from New York and the UK. We have a deep and talented roster who happen to have a second-to-none ability to have a good time and we would be absolutely THRILLED to play in the infamous Windmill Windup. While this exact roster is pretty fresh, we have all played together on numerous women’s, open, and mixed club teams for many years and know we have great chemistry and can compete with the best (on and off the field). We love Windmill’s commitment to sustainability, which is why our goal is to make our trip a net-zero carbon emission adventure! By planting trees and purchasing carbon credits, we will offset the environmental impact of our team taking trans-Atlantic flights. (One team member even volunteered to travel Greta Thunberg style until he realized he might need more time off work when he learned how big the Atlantic was). Every party needs some fun-loving Canadians, and we can’t help but notice that you haven’t had a Canadian team attend since 2018. We’d love to join this year and exponentially increase the number of times “thanks” and “sorry” are uttered throughout the weekend. TLDR; We are talented, spirited, sustainable and excited. We would love the opportunity to represent Canada on the field and more importantly on the dance floor. WTLDR; here's some clips of us playing frisbee

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