Euphoria Ultimate Club

We're the ultimate crew from the vibrant city of Auckland, New Zealand, rocking the ultimate scene! Though we kicked off our epic journey in 2022, we've already doubled the fun with two amazing teams. Dive into our awesome world, where family vibes meet the thrill of the game. Picture this: a learning hub packed with positivity, laughter, and endless good vibes! Our core values are like the MVPs of our squad - respect, integrity, commitment, and inclusivity. We're all about keeping it real and having a blast together. What sets us apart? Well, buckle up, because we're a diverse bunch with passports stamped from 14 different countries! Age is just a number in our club – we've got members from 16 to 41 bringing the heat. It's like a global party of Ultimate enthusiasts, and the energy is downright euphoric! Join us, where passion meets diversity, and the game is always on fire! This boisterous team is crowned as the one with the loudest sideline in New Zealand; we're here to amplify the fun—both on the field and at the epic after-parties. Get ready for bonfire banter, mingle-mingle madness, beer race showdowns, silent party shimmies, and, despite a few expected casualties, we'll still be morning-ready for the next epic showdown on the field. Get ready to mark us on your tournament map because we're not just any team – we're the thrill-seekers who travel from the farthest corners! Choosing us isn't just picking a team; it's choosing an adventure, a journey, and a squad that brings the hype from the horizon. #FarthestAndFiercest

Roster 2024

Benjamin Swanson (Ben)
Fritz Howard
Katrina Santillan
Melanie Melrose (Mel)
Jenny Fielder
Declan Grogan
Doireann O'Byrne
Colette Minjauw
Anthony Hoenie
Megan Duffy (Meg)
MattCK Killen
Joanna Greenberg (Jo)
Petra Horvath

Quick facts

New Zealand
Roster size
Windmill attendings

Road to Windmill 2024

NZ Nationals (Div 1)
10 / 12