Hailing from humble beginnings Ellipsis competed in it's first tournament in Singapore in 2013. Taking a very relaxed attitude in to the tournament the team members were mainly looking for a chance to travel internationally and spend some time together, whilst also playing some good Ultimate. Playing under the tenet of IDEC, warm ups were scarce (non existent), hang outs were long, sleep was minimal and chicken rice was maximal. The tournament was the Asian Oceanic Club Championships and Ellipsis won the whole lot with a bare bones roster of 14 players. Fast forward 10 years and a lot to do with Ellipsis has changed and evolved. The club now operates 2 women's teams, 1 women's masters team, 1 men's team and has competed extensively in mixed competitions around Australia and the world. The club has one mission: To set the standard for ultimate clubs in Australia through the continuous pursuit of excellence. We do this through focusing on three key areas: Our Club, Our Sport and Our Community. We take great pride in promoting and empowering women in sport. Over the last 10 years we have played tournaments all over the world and have achieved some incredible results. The women's team has won 6 straight national championships and finished 4th at WUCC 2022 (9th 2018). The Men's team won their maiden national championships in their second season in 2021, finishing 2nd in 2022. Following the Asian Oceanic Club Championships triumph the mixed team proceeded to win the US Open (2015), win Vietnam Zone Cup (2017), compete at Manila Spirits and 3 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships. 2023 marks the 10 year celebration of our club and as part of this we are running a World Tour, aiming to compete at some of the best tournaments in the World. First stop is NZ Nationals, the Aussie Nationals, the US Open and hopefully Windmill in June. Given the opportunity to play Windmill Windup we aim to bring together a unique group of players, some vintage Ellipsis players that have been their from the start, some fresh new young talent from with in the club as well as some all star players from across Australia and the rest of the World. The team will be fun, supercharged and looking to take down all comers in this hugely competitive division.

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