We are team DPH, a collection of family, friends, and lovers from USA, Ireland, and Germany who have somehow met and bonded in the one and only New York City over a certain customized sequence of song clips. We see Windmill as the perfect opportunity to get together over fun, frisbee, and staying awake long into the night - the cold never bothered us anyway. For those of us who are Windmill vets, the annual pilgrimage is a part of our world, and for those poor unfortunate souls who are attending for the first time in forever, we can't wait to show them a whole new world. On the field we can go the distance, but at the party we get down to business - we just can't wait to be kings and queens of the tent and fields. Spirit is the one true bare necessity and our opponents can feel the love every night. We will also, of course, start our fun with a Disney Power Hour and will ask everyone to be our guests. You've got a friend in us. Hakuna Matata. You're welcome.

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New York City
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