Callithrix Ultimate Clube

Callithrix Ultimate Clube is the first team formed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - made with the same elements of the multicultural city that is Rio, with several expats from all over the world mixed with the high energy of Brazilians. Our focus has always been in helping Ultimate grow in Brazil and we share our passion of Ultimate and SotG with all that live or passthrough Rio de Janeiro. Callithrix is proud to sponsor and help new teams in our city and from other states. Our practices on grass, turf and beach are always open and everyone is always welcome to join us. Callithrix has the multicultural vibe, mixed with the great beaches, our parties after practice, add a little trumpet and music from some teammates, and you will always have a good time with us. Some teammates come and go, but wherever they go they take Rio’s spirit with them and now it’s calling us to go to Amsterdam.

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