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The Bonobos first came together over ten years ago in the city of Bochum, in the heart of the industrial Ruhr area. Originally founded as the “BOchumer NOBOdieS” –a name reflecting a mix of subtle humour, understatement and pursuit of all things fun—which also happen to be our team’s core values. The club team competes regularly in all divisions at regional and national competitions. Our open and women teams are an eclectic mix of spirited characters noted for their creative playing styles and gritty defense. However, it’s our mixed team that has come to represent the best blend of our club, which also has the burning ambition to compete at the highest levels of ultimate. As it was found in a university town, our biggest advantage in gaining fresh talent can also be a challenge at times. While new players join the club at the start of their studies, many move on to other places upon graduation. Nevertheless, despite the turnover, our program has over the years benefited from a large talent pool. Many Bonobos alumni go on to play for the German national team or other competitive club teams. Especially after these two harsh years, we’re certainly thirstier than ever for international competition experience. While some individual players have had the privilege of attending past Windmills, the Bonobos wants to go to Amsterdam for the first time as a team. You won't find another team as eager to be part of this year's Windmill Windup.

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