Panthers Wroclaw

Flowers Wrocław as of now is the number one female ultimate frisbee team in Poland. Flowers Wrocław was founded in 2014 and since then it brings together ambitious players with one common goal- to play with the best teams there are on an international level. This year we will be undergoing a name change to panthers Wroclaw as we got excepted into a big club. Most of our players regularly represent Poland in international tournaments and some have also already played as pickups in the windmill tournament. Currently, we have a gold medal from last year's polish Championship finals and are in preparation to defend this title this year. From last year we also got the chance to partake in EUCF for the first time. We would really like to get the chance to play in the windmill tournament as it will be a great chance to prepare for this year's EUCF as well as play with teams on a high level. I can guarantee that if you give us a chance by the end of the tournament everyone will remember who we are.

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