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We are an ultimate frisbee team that has specialised in the mixed division. The team was found(ed) in 1993 by students and has developed into a performance orientated mixed club team. Throughout the years we managed to grow our team and raise awareness for our team and sport in the community. With our newly established youth programm we hope to get more young players involved and teach them the values of our sport as well as benefit from their qualities in the future. In april the entire team will spent a week in Málaga (Spain) in order to prepare for the season strategically and physically. We hope this will help us to improve our game and to achieve our goals, which are to attain a rank under the top ten in the first league mixed in germany into which we relegated last year and qualify for the EUCF. Generally we like to think of ourselves as a team with a strong spirit and like to hang out lots even when there are no ultimate specific events taking place.

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