Windmill Festival

2019-05-11 12:15

We were going to ask if you were ready. But then we looked at the list of teams, the music, the games, the food, and all the joy coming your way this year and we realized, you can't be ready for this. But thankfully, there is still time to prepare. Still time to take a deep breath and step into a world of magic and mystery. Still time to get ready for Windmill 2019!

Windmill Theme
Every year Europe's legendary ultimate frisbee festival features a unique theme. The theme that sets the tone for the spirit, the decorations, and of course the parties. We've long kept themes a secret to surprise everyone at the start of the tournament. But this year we're breaking tradition so that everyone can join the fun. Our theme this year is "Cirque Freak du Chic" which means all your curly moustaches, human cannonball skills, and oversized top hats can finally be unleashed on the dance floor. Think circus, think quirky, and above all think early 20th century as you pack your party gear.

A New Party 
We don't have to wait for elections to launch a new party! This year your trusted Windmill entertainment scientists have come up with a whole new formula for the biggest night of festivities. It's wholistic, organic, tested and proven to be good for the soul. 

The Classics
Windmill is known throughout the world for it's fantastic traditions. So of course in 2019 we will be bringing back those events that ultimate players look forward to year after year. In fact, we've upgraded activities like the Pull Competition to allow for more participants, the Karaoke Container to allow more special effects, Breakfast Sounds to be even more heavenly as you wake up, and even the BoulderBox has received a power up. We love introducing new surprises but the time honored classics will be waiting for you! 

Throughout the year leading up to the event, Windmill talent scouts scour the continent for musical acts that would add just the right sugar and spice to our delicious atmosphere. This year our team has done it again, with two excellent bands whose music can not be properly described using words.

Now You Might Be Ready
If you've read this far then you are one step closer to being ready for the ultimate frisbee tournament that feels more like a festival. One step closer to glory on the dance floor and on the field. Perhaps no one can ever truly be ready for such a surreal atmosphere of beauty and creativity. One thing you can count on: Windmill 2019 will be ready for you! 

Make sure to keep an eye on our FacebookInstagram or website, we will be announcing our line up and entertainment schedule over the next 4 weeks.