Windmill Climate Neutral

2019-06-04 09:00

This year Windmill is proud to be labelled a climate neutral event! Every year we are doing as much as possible to be sustainable. We have a green battery, avoid using plastic, have a disc-washing station and recycling bins, are serving vegetarian and locally sourced food and carefully choose the partners we team up with. However, by far our largest impact comes from the CO2 produced during the journeys players make to join Windmill from far and wide.

Air travel

On average the 1600 Windmill players produce 500 kg of CO2 per person in their journey to the tournament, equivalent of the weight of a full sized Herbie! We of course try to promote players to travel to Windmill in sustainable manners, but you cannot simply bike to Amsterdam from New Zealand. As we strive to be fully climate neutral we wanted to compensate for all emissions and contacted FairClimateFund. 

Climate neutrality

Together with FairClimateFund we calculated Windmill’s impact in terms of tonnes CO2 produced. For every tonne Windmill bought credits to become climate neutral. This money goes into several projects of FairClimateFund, that aim to reduce carbon emissions by for example investing in efficient cookstoves for Indian rural communities. In that way, not only carbon emissions go down, but also the communities that are most sensitive to climate change are supported. Click here to read more about these projects.  

Climate sponsor Meelunie B.V.

To realize this climate neutrality financially we want to thank the Meelunie B.V. for being Windmill XV’s climate sponsor! The Meelunie B.V. is an Amsterdam based company that not only shares a brand name ‘Windmill’ but finds sustainability just as important as we do. A big shout out! 

How your event can become climate neutral

To learn more about how your event can become climate neutral too check this document. It is an editable document where tournament organizers from all over the world can share their ideas on becoming as sustainable as possible.