What it means to be a volunteer

2019-01-02 21:45

Being a volunteer means you become part of the Windmill. Meet with fun people from all over the world, and work hard together to build the Windmill Village, and keep it running for players. There will be plenty of time to hangout by the campfire and throw a disc around, but during the days we’ll be working hard to make Windmill as awesome as it can be.

As a volunteer you will report to the Volunteer coordinators. They’ll let you know each day what you need to do, and make sure you are able to do your tasks. But most importantly, they are there to make sure that you are happy and enjoying yourselves.

Here are some testimonials from previous volunteers:

Tapio Moilanen, Finland:
"Wow, guys! Still in process of recovery, but I’ll never regret my decision to come here. I have no words to express my feelings (hey, I’m Finnish) I found a place where I belong, place that feels like a home, place where I’m always warmly welcome. That place is among freebeer… I mean frisbee people! Thank you for being part of this awesome community of ours."

Danielle Cram, USA:
"Spent the weekend volunteering at Windmill, which I’m pretty sure is the coolest tournament in the world. Shoutout to volunteer coordination, my volunteer buddy Georgina, and to John Kofi for letting me be part of the photography team!"

John Kofi, France

"I've been volunteering for 3 years all over Europe but Windmill is special. It's an event that every Ultimate lovers should see, and volunteering is the best way to get fully into it. See you there."

Oscar Mensink, Ireland

"As a player at windmill you feel that the whole event is being run for you, for your benefit alone, but as a volunteer you see that this is not true. It is a festival for volunteers, we get free time to enjoy the event and even the volunteering is social, active and fun. For everyone it seems to be a community aimed at a common goal, which is to please and be pleased. Can't wait to go back!"

Written by The Volunteer Coordinators from 2019 - Brizia, Casper, Timo and Jonna.