The Swiss Draw System

2019-01-15 17:07

Just as in previous years, we will be using the Swiss Draw Format at Windmill. For those unfamiliar with it: we use an algorithm to determine the possible outcomes of match-ups and then try to match-up so we have the maximum number of tight games as possible, while also guaranteeing teams won’t play the same opponent twice during the Swiss draw phase. This way the Swiss draw format ensures that teams get ranked quickly according to their actual strength and play as many close exciting matches against opponents of similar strength as possible.

In Swiss draw the ranking of the teams is determined by the score. The point difference between the winning and losing team is the most important factor. So even when your team is losing, keep trying to score as many points as you can and if you’re winning, win by more! After each match we will calculate the scores and announce the new matches as quickly as possible. To ensure this we have many crew members and up to 25 volunteers working on collecting scores every round!

Windmill is proud to have successfully run this format for years.

Written by Tim de Jong, Scoring Marshall