The History of Windmill

2019-01-03 16:55

Long long ago in the Netherlands there was a highly competitive tournament called Harbour. It was amazing until one day it just stopped and we in Amsterdam felt the hole that it left. A few brave, young souls thought it would be a good idea to rebuild this concept in the city of all cities: Amsterdam! And thus the Windmill Windup was born!

Three buddies (Fred, Michael and Frans) got together and created a tournament that was going to use something called the Swiss Draw and bring together 24 Open teams and 8 Women’s teams. But they didn’t want this tournament to just be about the frisbee, but also about the fun. And fun was had. The Mingle Mingle was born. The Beer Race became a messy thing of legends. And Windmill now has 80 teams competing at the highest level and more importantly is referred to by frisbee players across the globe as the tournament that is ‘on my bucket list.’

Over the years many TDs have left their mark on the Windmill. Some with elaborate entertainment schedules, some with their focus on security and thus an enormous weather prevention event that pulled all 1500 players into the Stadium for some off the field bonding. But all TDs over the years have left the tournament exhausted, with a ton of amazing memories and with a love for their fellow TDs who rode the rollercoaster that is the Windmill.

The original founders after many many years moved on, had babies, got real jobs and finally handed over their first baby to a few souls that had been part of the Crew since inception. And thus the Windmill Windup became simply The Windmill in 2015.

The newest of The Windmill Crew focused on leaving some structure in place, so that new TDs could more easily take over the reigns and that is exactly what happened. The Windmill is now led by the youngest TD Crew ever who make us all realize that if we were that on top of our shhhhhtuff in our early 20’s, WOWWWWW we’d own the whole wide world!

Written by Nan, Chairwoman