Green Travelling to Windmill

2019-03-31 12:00

Do you want to make a difference this year? Together we can reduce our CO2 emissions and make Windmill the greenest festival around!

There are multiple ways in which you can travel with CO2 efficiency. Have you thought about group train travel? Bus travel? Or even by cycling to fill those nature oriented impulses?

Why measure my carbon footprint or travel greener? 

The travel and holiday sector accounts for more than 8% of the worlds global carbon emissions, this is set to grow by 4% a year, therefore changes need to be made and greener choices considered. The little extra you’ll spend on sustainable travel will be more than worth it for the emissions you’re saving and alternative travel experience!

Did you know?:

 - Flying from London to Amsterdam in economy class emits 34kg of CO2 per passenger each way. 

 - Travelling on the Eurostar from London to Amsterdam emits 5kg CO2 per passenger 

 - Travelling by Coach from London to Amsterdam emits 10kg CO2 per passenger.

 - Travelling by a medium sized petrol car from London to Amsterdam via a ferry emits 87.5kg CO2 per car. 

 - Cycling from London to Amsterdam emits 0 kg CO2 per person.


From London to Amsterdam, Milan to Amsterdam, Paris to Amsterdam, etc. There are many direct buses across mainland Europe. Eurolines, Oui bus, Flixbus...  A great website to compare all buses, times and prices is Omio.


By train you can travel speedily and comfortably, advance tickets are also very affordable. No airport security, hassle or arriving in advance. A good website for cheap train travel across Europe is Loco2.

What’s my carbon footprint of travelling to Windmill?

Want to be amongst those with the lowest carbon footprint, distance and time comparable of those who travel to Windmill this year? You can measure your carbon footprint on the world renowned carbon footprint calculator site here

Carbon Offsetting

Really can’t avoid travelling by Plane? If you really can’t avoid your two hour flight to get to Windmill then please consider carbon offsetting. 

Here are some practical tips: 

 - Travel light- think about every clothes item in your bag and avoid extra check in bags use Kartents

 - Avoid transfers, choose direct - travel on direct flights rather than via options, less air miles the better. 

 - Travel with e-tickets rather than paper- avoid printing and paper use by using the e-ticket option for boarding passes. 

 - Plant a tree Planting a tree may seem like a pointless or small action but each fully grown tree actually gives back 22kg of CO2 each year, that’s 32% of your carbon emissions per round trip and adds to more green spaces. So find your nearest orchard, field or garden and start planting!