Windmill’s sustainability effort!

2022-06-10 00:01

Hey everyone, 

Windmill is planning to continue its effort to make the world a more sustainable place. This year we have chosen to not do carbon compensation but instead focus on learning more about ways to live in a more sustainable way. We have organized a lot of amazing activities open to everyone all organized around a central location at Windmill, Herbie's green heart!

Below we have an overview of all the amazing activities you can join during the tournament:

Herbie’s Hand-Me-Downs

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions (Weforum, 2020)? Unfortunately, the production of our beloved ultimate clothing contributes to this, especially because it is often polyester based. So, if you want new ultimate gear but want to reduce your carbon footprint, what can you do? Buy second-hand! To support this, this year at Windmill the sustainability team has decided to have a pop-up second-hand shop - Herbie’s Hand-Me-Downs!. The shop will be in Herbie’s Green Heart, where you will be able to drop off ultimate gear you no longer use, and browse for something new. Therefore, we encourage you to bring a couple of items that are at the bottom of your wardrobe, to find them a new home! 

Trade Night

Again supporting second hand clothing, Herbie’s Green Heart will be hosting Trade Night! The gear you don’t donate to Herbie’s Hand-Me-Downs can be used for trading with other ultimate players from around the world that may have cool jerseys you’d like to get your hands on. A great opportunity to trade with a friend you’ve made from another country, and to also mingle and meet new people! Trade Night will be happening Saturday evening from approximately 20:30-21:30.

Discs for everyone

Most ultimate players have collected a big collection of discs over the years. However, most people only use a few of their discs whilst the others are collecting dust. We want to give these dust-collecting discs a new home. During Windmill you can hand in discs, on Sunday these discs will be distributed among Dutch youth players with a simple task. Make sure these discs get to a place where these discs will be used. This way they will be used for youth practices, by upcoming talent, or go to new youth players who will love their first real disc!

How to start your zero-waste lifestyle

The term Zero Waste is being used more and more often. It is often associated with reducing your household garbage, but that is only part of what many green-doers want to achieve with this lifestyle. Petra will discuss what the philosophy of Zero Waste really is and how you can take the first steps yourself during this introduction to Zero Waste. And before you know you will also be off the bakery with your own textile bread bag on your second-hand bike ????. 

Upgrade your used ultimate gear!

We know Frisbee players love their gear! Probably filling half of their closet with frisbee stuff, most of the time only using half of it.  “But you want a memory of the tournaments you played, right”  Well we found a solution, at Saturday from you can now print the tournament logo for free on your used gear!  

Grow your own mushrooms

For lots of you, a coffee in the morning is just what you need, starting fresh and awake to your first-morning game. But what happens to the coffee grounds after usage? Well, most of the time it is going to waste, but not at windmill. Cause your own used coffee grounds can be used to grow mushrooms. Therefore Windmill offers you a mushroom grow package after a coffee at Moyee, go get it at Herbies Green Heart.

Equity in ultimate

Members of Rainbow Brigade will introduce some topics related to the discussion of equity, especially equity in sport. To name a few, we will discuss the gender binary, intersectionality, and power & privilege. We will define these terms, understand how they play out in our sport, and at times share experiences/perspectives as queer athletes. Facilitators will then open up the session for questions/comments from the audience. We hope the event will be a two-way conversation and we encourage active participation from the audience.